Video - Location and Post-Production

Specializing in all aspects of video production, we create digital media that captures the audience with both style and design. We cover concept and project development, filming in the field, post production, and final deployment. Video can quickly be deployed to web, smart phone, tablet, or DVD to get your message to the right location in top HD quality.

Our work begins with focusing on what the final product goal will be. Scripting content and developing the storyline brings the idea of the project together as we work directly with the client to create their vision. Having a comprehensive outline, we then gather our skilled and creative group, and move forward with all project details in mind.

The Post Production phase has unlimited possibilities for altering video and adding effects. Top-tier editing equipment combined with years of editing experience bring your video production to reality. Animation, motion graphics, effects, studio voice-over recording, and audio/picture sweetening are added with the finest attention to detail.

We have perfected the final step of video encoding for the web and portable devices. We can upload your video project to your company website, post to YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook, imbed in a website, or create a standalone player for custom web applications. We also handle delivery for TV broadcast and DVD duplication.

Narrator Sample from Digital Distillery Media on Vimeo.

Mobile Vet Commercial from Digital Distillery Media on Vimeo.

DAC Kettle Bell Exercises from Digital Distillery Media on Vimeo.