Touch Screen Kiosks and Art Walls

Attention to detail and user friendly content are some of the core aspects that we focus on for our interactive development. Having a display with touch screen design and programming is a great way to bring your audience together and put the content and interface control at their fingertips. We can incorporate any level of picture, sound, video, or animated content into our kiosk or wall mount displays. A well thought out design process brings these elements together for a styled, seamless, and functional format. Once setup these installations can be easily updated with new content, saving on printing and assembly costs typically associated with standard printed products. Custom templates and admin interfaces can also be programmed to allow the client stand-alone manageable content at their control and timeline.

touch screen kiosk albany new york

Touch Screen Kiosk Demo from Digital Distillery Media on Vimeo.

We've worked on touch screen and video installations for many museum and visitor center locations. U of O Museum of Art, Colorado History Museum, and the Blue Ridge Parkway visitor center all implore technology that we've been a part of developing and customizing for each location. Any interactive content that we can dream up can be incorporated into the touch screen environment for a fun and effective informative experience for users of all ages.