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    Creating on the digital canvas starting with HD Video, then blending with After Effects and Photoshop imagery and style.
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    Specializing in all aspects of video production, creating crisp and unique perspectives with the camera.
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    Creating custom touch screen interface designs and programming for kiosk or wall display at museums or visitor centers.
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    Production on location with professional lighting techniques mixed with filters and post-production processing.
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Video Production & Digital Content

Located in Eugene, Oregon, we are a creative digital media group specializing in video production for education, training, commercial promotion, and interactive digital media. We cover all aspects of video editing, interactive web content, media display panels, digital design, and photography. Over 15 years of experience working with video production and computer graphics allows us to bring the maximum production value to all elements of any project. Our video editing and design studio is always open if you get a chance to drop by for a tour and let us know how we can be part of your next project. We focus on creating top quality digital media content for commercial broadcast, health and research, corporate training, education, marketing, trade show, and company/product promotion.

We've been working on touchscreen and digital signage that can take many forms; including product advertising, restaurant specials, tap lists, food/drink pairings, and visit center information screens. The great benefit of digital displays is that once the initial interface is created, remote off-site changes can be make quickly to update any new art, information, or functionality. Even if you wanted to overhaul the whole program once installed, it's just a simple reload of software through the web or local computer. An example would be a screen showing seasonal beers that need to be added or removed from a standard menu rotation.

For the most immersive experience we can create a custom touch screen interface where you can tap and swipe through any content such as a building directory, food/drink menu, location history/info, and products/services. This interactive content allows the customer to easily browse and get all the information needed at their leisure while freeing staff to concentrate on other duties.

interactive touch screen video editing

These displays are also very effective at trade shows or visitor centers. It is easy to package a presentation in perfect form with the exact content you want and have it ready at the touch of a button. Not only is this more interesting than typical paper brochures, it gives the user a chance to browse information at their own pace and interest level.

Recently we were part of a project to create an animated video covering the history of the world specifically related to the formation and geography of the NW. This video is currently showing at the U of O Museum of Natural and Cultural History as part of a larger display on the history of the earth. The final installation is in the form of a wall mounted 55" HDTV that has push button activation on a user panel.

Video Production and editing touch screen

Evolution and Geography from Digital Distillery Media on Vimeo.

Other recent projects have included an interactive training program for the NJATC/IBEW, and narrator/instructional videos for a smoking cessation website being launched by ORI. Each project has it's own unique creative variables that must be met; producing custom graphics, database management, location filming, and video editing to name a few. The one constant between all of our projects is attention to detail and timely project management, creating an efficient process for all parties involved.

Camera technology gets better every year, and we enjoy making the most of it. Recently at Digital Distillery I've been shooting with the new Panasonic GH3 DSLR, and the quality and versatility is exceptional. There is an array of picture/style settings that can be applied while filming. This can allow for a higher quality end product, and a more efficient post-production. Having complete control over depth of field has got to be one of the big advantages. With light control into the sensor (F-stop), and control over sensor light sensitivity (ISO), many looks can be achieved with the location lighting staying the same. The quality of glass for the DSLR camera lenses also renders a great picture. A variable frame rate allows for movement effects to be applied during shooting, creating a smooth as silk, or choppy and action filled effect. Audio quality has also been surprisingly top notch using a Juiced Link pre-amp, then keeping the camera's internal pre-amp low.

Constantly adapting to the advances in video and web technology, we continue to bring the highest level of video production and creative content to the web and other digital mediums. Starting with top quality 1080p HD video, then maintaining full HD quality through post production, followed by compression and encoding to fit all applications and bandwidth requirements. Our experienced production staff will cover all technical details of your video project and create the final product you envisioned. Over 15 years of video production and web experience covering all aspects of visual digital media.

Adobe Edge animations are one of our favorite ways to create browser friendly interactive graphics. Edge creates cross platform web designs that a user can interact with in many ways. Adobe has really focused on making non-Flash web content that is cross browser/platform friendly. We're utilizing this to it's fullest, creating content to inform and entertain. Bundling video, audio, and images to create content that a user wants to explore, and share with others. User friendly web pages, combined with social media networking, quickly spreads content across a wide range of users, and introduces content to audiences around the world.

With HDTV's decreasing in cost and increasing in quality, it makes for a great platform to show video content at your office or trade show. They make for great office installations in lobby or waiting rooms. Most units have a variety of card reader options that we can load a video into, so you can simply keep the video card in your TV and run your program anytime. You can always upgrade to a touchscreen HDTV powered by a mini computer, and have an interactive exhibit for your viewers. Drop by our office and take a look at a demo to see how easy and cost effective this can be. We can also deploy the video to web or broadcast to increase access on all platforms.

Designing and Producing creative and interactive digital media content. Contact us for more info 541-255-9030, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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